At Field Funeral Services, we will always provide the best service. Our prices are competitive and reflect the service we give you.




Transfer into Our Care

Professional Services

From £390

£295 each

£225 each



Home Arrangements can be made by prior appointment.

Our prices above do not include fees paid out by us on your behalf. These are known as disbursements, which include: Crematorium Fees, Church Fees, Doctors Fees, etc

We also offer a simple At-Need Funeral consisting of:

Provision of Coffin, Staff & Professional Services at a cost of £2100 plus Disbursements as above. Limousines can be added to this at the cost of £225 each.

Additional Services

In addition to our traditional range of services, we can offer:

Photo Slideshow

Horse Drawn Hearse

Flower Hearse

Church/Home Overnight

Saturday Funeral (Some increased fees may apply)


From £700